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BTC/USD Prices

Exchangers Bids Price
Bitstamp $235.76
Bitfinex $236.6
Kraken $237.02812
Btc-e $237.833
Campbx $243.99
Ripple $347.86740437
Justcoin $450
Exchangers Asks Price
Ripple $342.87015289
Justcoin $290
Btc-e $237.7
Campbx $236.51
Bitfinex $236.47
Bitstamp $235.36
Kraken $235.3351

Cryptocoin News

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Bitcoin Blocks

Description Value
Bitcoins in circulation 14,214,725
Blocks Count 358,588
Avg Blocks/day 139
Avg Blocks/hour 5.81
Difficulty 48,807,487,245
Est. Next Difficulty 47,233,052,172* (-3.2%)
Next Difficulty Adjustment in 259 blocks
1 Day 21 hours ________________

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Network Hashrate


Market Price (USD)


*Datas are updated every 15 mins.

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